e-VISA India

Application for Indian tourist e-visa demystified

Are you an international traveler longing to travel the lengths and breadths of India? Has it been your dream to sit and view the diversity of this nation? If yes, then the time has come for you to apply for Indian e visa. The e visa is more hassle free than the regular one, and is also valid for a relatively shorter period of time.

When you apply for Indian e visa, ensure that you submit only one application for the same. Anything else submitted against the same passport number will be considered illegal. Before travelling, ensure that as a foreign national you do have a valid ordinary passport, along with a printout of the visa approval, which was sent to your email. This will be explained when you apply for Indian visa online.

Today you have the option to apply for Indian visa online. No need to stand in long queues in order to collect visa forms in your country, as you can apply for Indian tourist visa over the Internet. As soon as you apply for e visa for India, processing of the application will take a set number of days, depending on your country norms.

How to apply e visa for India:

Choose a well-known portal that allows you to apply for e visa for India. Submit the e visa application online after payment. You will be given ETA via email. Upon completion of the entire process you will also be able to explain to your friends how to apply e visa for India.

When you apply Indian visa online, you should also note that your passport needs to have at least six months validity from the date you arrive in India. A minimum of two blank pages are necessary for the Immigration Officer to be able to stamp the Indian visa. Once you apply for Indian e visa, you will get to know that e visa is valid for two entries when you apply for Indian tourist visa, and three entries in case of a medical visa, from the first arrival date.

When you apply for Indian e visa, make sure you choose a company that is reliable and provides quality check. Apply Indian visa online in order to save time.

e-Visa India PROCESS

Step 1

Apply online

Step 3

Receive e-Visa Electronically